Go Green


Here are a few ideas to recycle your bike junk.

1. Take your old bar wrap and use it on your lawn and garden tools. Not only will your hands thank you but you may get some initiative to use the tools.

2. Have an old tire, don’t throw it, cut it. You can make a few emergency tire boots with them. simply cut the tire into a 3-5 inch strip, then cut off the bead and BAM, you have a custom boot for you seat bag. You an also use a longer length of the tire to help in your garden.

If you need to help hold up a small tree or plant so that the roots can develop, cut a 10-20 inch piece of the tube or tire and run a figure eight around the plant and the stakes. You will have the added bonus of knowing that the plant will not attach itself to the rubber as it grows.

If you have an idea please submit it to:  vinnythewrench@sbcglobal.net.