Vinny’s Tip & Tricks

Keep your chain clean. If you don’t have a chain cleaner now would be a good time of the year to get one. The water and debris from the roads this time of year will act like sandpaper on your chain and chainrings. Fun for mechanics everywhere but expensive for you. If you have the time to keep your chain clean and lubed it will last far longer than a dirty one and so will the parts it touches. The 15 or so minutes it takes could save you $ hundreds $. If you don’t have time give us a call we can do a mini tune up, chain cleaning, & paint protection for $45.00. Your bike will love you and we always do!

A properly inflated tire will last longer and resist puncture better. Check the tire each time you ride your road bike. On your mountain bike set the appropriate pressure for the terrain you will be riding in. If you ride your mountain bike on the road only: it may be time to look into a smooth finish tire  $20 a piece should get you a decent one. Trust me your BUM will enjoy it and so will your arms.


That annoying squeal or squeak is you bike telling you I need help! A properly running bike should be fairly quiet. That noise can be very difficult to track down and eliminate, Most can be solved with proper lube however if you have one you cant find give us a shot if we cant find it you don’t pay! Fix that noise before it fixes you!


Here are a few ideas to recycle your bike junk:

1. Take your old bar wrap and use it on your lawn and garden tools. Not only will your hands thank you but you may get some initiative to use the tools.

2. Have an old tire, don’t throw it, cut it. You can make a few emergency tire boot’s with them. simply cut the tire into a 3-5 inch strip, then cut off the bead and BAM, you have a custom boot for you seat bag. You an also use a longer length of the tire to help in your garden. If you need to help hold up a small tree or plant so that the roots can develop, cut a 10-20 inch piece of the tube or tire and run a figure eight around the plant and the stakes. You will have the added bonus of knowing that the plant will not attach itself to the rubber as it grows.